Meet Our Leadership

MAPS UW 2018-19 Leadership

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Nikki Torres
Junior; MCD Biology and Global Health


Hello! My name is Nikki Torres and I am from Dixon, California. I am a prospective Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology major with a minor in Global Health and this will be my second year as a MAPS officer! MAPS has provided me with an abundance of support and knowledge in the past two years. My favorite part of this club is seeing students find their passion in healthcare and meeting really motivated and cool students.  Most importantly I am so pumped to continue the great legacy that is this club, and to build an even stronger community of minority pre-health students.

Samia Ali
Sophomore; Intended Physiology Major with a minor in Bioethics & Humanities

Hi everyone! My name is Samia, and I’m from Seattle. I want to serve as an inspiring figure for students from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. My long-term goal is to work as a trauma surgeon and eventually work with Doctors Without Borders. I chose MAPS because it’s where I found a diverse community of like-minded people who support my passions. My motto is sleep, research, tutor, repeat! The world is yours, let MAPS help you find your passion.

Vice President:
Daniela Acuna
Junior; Psychology


Hey guys! My name is Daniela and I am so excited to serve as the MAPS Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year! I am a junior who is majoring in Psychology. After college, I hope to serve in the Peace Corp for two years, and then attend graduate school for clinical psychology! I am super passionate about mental health, as well as serving under-served populations.

Outside of MAPS, I am a volunteer at Seattle Children’s and a research assistant in a psychology lab here at UW! Two summers ago, I participated in the Summer Health Professions Education Program at the UW School of Medicine with Nikki (the president)! In addition to these things, I love dancing, bike riding, trying new food, and exploring Seattle!


I joined MAPS my freshman year simply with the intention of becoming involved on campus and finding out what a career in healthcare is like (I had never looked into it before). My friend randomly invited me to a meeting one day. Before I came, I seriously had NO idea what I wanted to do for a career after college! After attending that meeting, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and opportunities I received in return. If not for MAPS, I wouldn’t have realized how fulfilling a career in healthcare could be. If not for MAPS, I wouldn’t be aware of how important it is for there to be an upcoming generation of healthcare professionals that will address the social- determinants of healthcare and increase the diversity of the workforce in the United States. If not for MAPS, I wouldn’t be aware that being a health professional means a lot more than just going to school and having a job; it’s a lifestyle and who you are as a person. In addition to all of these things, I wouldn’t have met the most loving and inspiring individuals ever! Join MAPS with the expectation of joining a supportive community that wants to support you and build you up! I encourage you all to come to one of our meetings to see what we’re all about. We hope to see you grow not only as a pre-health student, but also as a person throughout this upcoming school year!

Salina Nhi Thai
Junior; Biology (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental)
Hi everyone!  My name is Salina, and I’m from Tukwila, WA.  This will be my first year as a MAPS officer, and I am excited to serve as your MAPS Treasurer.  My current long-term goals are dentistry and research, where I can combine both my passions for patient care and science!  I chose to join MAPS because I strongly believe in having a diverse healthcare workforce.  It is important that our healthcare providers reflect the growing community and represent the patients that they care for.  That is why we are here for you.  We hope that you find our resources helpful, enjoy our events, and ultimately find and explore your passions in healthcare.  Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me, whether it’s to ask questions or randomly go out for food.
(Did I mention I love eating yummy food and drinking bubble tea?)

Welcome to our MAPS family!

Deena Hasan Osman
Sophomore; Intended Biology

Hi everyone! My name is Deena, and I’m from Kelso, Washington. I am a sophomore who intends to major in Biology and I have the privilege of serving as the MAPS secretary for the 2018-2019 school year! I’m working towards medical school, and a personal goal of mine is to one day provide medical aid in refugee camps. In my free time, I volunteer at my local hospital and I love reading, writing, and spending time with my friends and family.
I became interested in MAPS because I wanted to connect with other pre-health students who come from a variety of backgrounds, and because I didn’t have a lot of information about the pre-health path when I came to UW. MAPS is an incredible resource for learning more about your healthcare field of interest and for meeting others on a similar path as yours—please take advantage of what this organization has to offer!

Director of Communications:
Abel Nigussu
Junior; Public Health
AbelHello everyone, my name is Abel Nigussu I am a Junior and my major is public health. My long term in healthcare is to help pave a road for minorities pursuing a career in health care by showing, by example, that through hard work and dedication we can all reach our goals despite the things we may hear from others. I chose MAPS because I wanted to take on a leadership role where I can help students who were in the same position as me, who may not know what they are pursing or may not know how to do it, reach their goals without making the same mistakes I did. Outside of MAPS, I volunteer at the University of Washington medical center, I enjoy playing basketball in my free time, and I love spending time with my family. Im excited to be on this journey with you guys and I hope I can be a resource to everyone to help them reach their goals.

Public Relations:
Sam Juarez-Solis
Senior; Biology (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental)

Hey MAPS millennials! I am Sam, but you can also call me J Swindle. As your Public Relations Officer I will make sure to give you punchy advertisements, high-caliber connections with the community, and most importantly fun memories. I hail from the small and pleasant town of Centralia, WA. My goal as a healthcare professional is to build and maintain trust between my hometown and its healthcare system. I chose to be involved in MAPS because it’s one of the few places on campus where diversity flourishes and where inspiration is constantly pumped out for those struggling. Aside from MAPS, I tutor intro biology at the Instructional Center (IC) which is an amazing and free resource! I also research on plants, yeast, and bacteria at the Nemhauser lab. You might see me pop into salsa classes or other various dance events on campus too. If you are a new UW student, you should know the healthcare route is not an easy one and you will face many challenges and experience inevitable failures. But you will have numerous friends, including the MAPS exec board, who will comfort you when times are tough and help you when you need it. You will inspire, innovate, and grow as a person.

Health Network Liaison:
Ameena Romani
Sophomore; Microbiology
Hey Everyone, I’m from Everett, Washington!
My long term goal is to become a dentist, ultimately an orthodontist to help under served communities facing teeth problems which affect their lives holistically.
I chose MAPS to resonate with people with similar backgrounds such as myself and I want to support and expand this loving community, creating a better future for the healthcare community like never before.
Outside of MAPS I volunteer at Providence Hospital, helping patients cheer up and stocking hospital materials to improve efficiency. For fun, I play tennis with friends and I also love to do henna!

I hope you find MAPS as a wonderful community to share your healthcare journey with!

Philanthropy Chair:
Keiva Augilera-Montero
Senior; Biology-Physiology


What’s up! My name is Keiva Augilera-Montero, I’m from Mountlake Terrace, WA and I am currently a junior at the University of Washington. I am a Biology-Physiology major, with a double minor in Disability Studies and Diversity. This is my third year as an officer of MAPS and originally, I was an intern for them.

I’m passionate about neurodevelopmental disabilities, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder. I aspire to become psychiatrist and researcher with a focus on learning and mental disabilities. Outside of MAPS, I participate in many other activities: I volunteer as a peer facilitator of BIOL 220 and 106, I also tutor in the Biology part of the Instructional Center for Minorities, and I shadow and work as a behavioral aid UW LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities).

I’m very excited to be an officer and MAPS and can meet all the amazing prospective pre-health students. I became interested in MAPS because I wanted to advocate for underrepresented communities and students and can provide them with resources to assist them in their pursuit for a pre-health education. I also want to promote intersectionality within underrepresented communities and disabled communities—to help rework the narrative on disability!

Fundraising Chair:
Alvine Ngouonga
Sophomore; Medical Anthropology and Global Health


Hey Everyone, I’m from Yaounde, Cameroon
I chose MAPS because it helps students navigate through the maze that is healthcare as well as emphasizing the importance of diversity in the healthcare field.
My long term goal to make health care more race-conscious. And more importantly, I want it to be more holistic. I want to look at the root of a patient’s sickness rather than just putting a band-aid on them.

 I hope that all new members feel welcomed and that they leave MAPS with a better understanding of how to prepare themselves

Diversity Liaison:
Sierra Craig
Junior; Public Health


Welcome to MAPS! We’re so glad to have you!
MAPS seemed like a perfect fit because of what it stood for, a pre-health club whose goal was to uplift minority students on campus and provide them with the resources they needed to succeed. It was really important to me that MAPS was non specific in its “pre health” label, because I know I don’t want to go to medical/dental/pharmacy school, I’m still figuring it all out, so I love that MAPS was open to all pre-health avenues. I have met so many great friends through MAPS and been exposed to countless opportunities, overall an awesome club.
My passion is researching health habits and disparities within different populations
Outside of MAPS, I go to a lot of concerts, play basketball, paint, cook, and hang out with my friends 🙂

Through MAPS you will meet so many people who have similar goals and backgrounds as you, and hopefully you’ll make some lifelong professional connections AND friends.

Director of Operations:
Gurleen Grewal
Senior; Psychology Major, Diversity Minor

Hi everyone, I’m a senior from Des Moines, WA. I want to work in the public health sector in some capacity but am also interested in Physical Therapy. I chose MAPS because it celebrates diversity and is a place where I feel comfortable. MAPS became my home away from home and now I have met some of my greatest friends. Outside of MAPS I am an avid sports fan. I work with UW football and I love going to UW sporting events. I also like to read whenever I have the time! Come join this family!!