Minority Association of Pre-Health Students at the University of Washington

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Prezi Presentation, Welcome to MAPS: https://prezi.com/p/kygdsfnlbfay/introductory-meeting/

Our Mission:

MAPS at the University of Washington is dedicated to helping underrepresented individuals realize their potential in health care fields. Through our community service and support, we are committed to promoting and enhancing health among minorities, which enables us to educate ourselves so we can better address health concerns.

Our History:

Established in 1999, UW MAPS is a chapter of the national organization Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. UW MAPS is affiliated with the parent groups, the National Medical Association and the Student National Medical Association (SNMA).

UW MAPS is one of the most active university chapters in the nation. We hold the Region 1 MAPS chapter of the year for the years 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.